It is common for working parents to drop off their children at a daycare center (or crèche), there various forms of childcare:

Children till the age of four can be looked after at a daycare center furthermore, the Dutch government has a childcare allowance, which partially subsidizes the expenses of childcare, the following conditions apply:

  • Both you and your partner are employed/studying
  • Or are following a reintegration programme, civic integration course or a training programme
  • You are paying the expenses of the childcare
  • You have the nationality of an EU/EEA country and Switzerland, in the case of another country, then you are acquired to have a valid residence permit/work permit
  • Your child goes to a registered childcare organization – Landelijk Register Kinderopvang

Childcare provided by employer

Employers are not legally obliged to contribute to the cost of childcare, however some companies decide to offer their employees extra benefits such as in-house day centers/rented spaces at daycare centers. These facilities are usually open at office hours – 08:00 to 18:00 and offer all-day care. All childcare centers must comply with a strict standard of quality according to Dutch law.

Private daycare

If you prefer smaller groups, you can look for private daycare. These are usual in a private home with one babysitter and will be more flexible.You can also find a babysitter who will come to your own house and take care of the children while you work.


A pre-school (peuterspeelzaal) is meant for chidren between two to four year old and is a place for activities and social interaction.

After- school care

After school care for children attending a primary school, can be provided by specific organisations (buitenschoolse opvang / BSO) or by a general day care center. The facilities they usually offer are sports, crafts and general after school care.

 Au pair
Another option could be to have a live-in babysitter for a temporary stay 6-12 months who will take care of your child(ren) full time for a fee.

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