Health insurance

Every person who lives or works in the Netherlands is obliged to obtain a basic health insurance. Expats should apply for a health insurance within four months from the moment they obtain a residence permit and start working. After four months you risk a penalty from the Healthcare Institute.

Basic health insurance covers the most essential medical care. You should think of visits to and treatments from a general practitioner, medicine prescriptions, hospital treatments, mental healthcare, midwifery etc.

Optionally, you can choose for a supplementary health insurance to cover more specific medical costs, such as dental care, physiotherapy, contact lenses and glasses etc.

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Our pages are yet to be converted to English, that is why we have constructed a manual to help you get through the process, see here

Extra benefits for expats 

  • Basic health insurance of VGZ with the highest legally allowed discount (10%)
  • Advice and help choosing the best health insurance based on your personal needs
  • Best customer service
    (Best Service Award 2016, 2015, 2014 by GfK and Opiness)

Find more information about the coverage here.

Health insurance segments:

Not EU/EEA or Switzerland

When you are not from the EU/EEA or Switzerland and if you are planning to study for more than three months in The Netherlands, you are required to apply for a non-EU/EEA resident’s permit upon arrival. After obtaining the residence permit, you are obligated to take Dutch healthcare insurance.

Furthermore, you will have to verify with your current healthcare insurer whether they cover medical costs made in The Netherlands. If not, it is highly recommended to get a private health insurance that covers the most essential medical care in The Netherlands. There are several private health insurers that offer special international healthcare insurances for foreigners that are going to study/work in The Netherlands.

Are you registered with the National Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland) and do you pay for Dutch healthcare premiums, you might be eligible to receive health care benefits. 

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