Immigration services (IND)

IND is a branch of the Dutch Security and Justice, which manages the immigration policy in The Netherlands. Should you wish to start a new life in The Netherlands, are an asylum seeker, become a student in The Netherlands, coming to work in The Netherlands as a e.g. Au Pair, the IND will be the place for you to start for gaining up to date information and getting your questions answered.

The main tasks of the IND are visa processing and residence permit applications, for those that are planning a shorter stay in The Netherlands. The IND is also the gateway for those wishing to become a naturalised Dutch citizen and gain a Dutch passport.

Please note that the IND is inundated by applications, and there may be long waiting times when you are visiting in person or trying to reach them by phone or email. Therefore, patience is a must when contacting them and waiting for information and/or application processing, this also means that you should start your application processing as soon as possible.

You can contact the IND via different channels, which can all be found here.

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