Gas & electricity

There are many gas & electricity providers, to assist you we have made a selection to include an energy provider who offers 100% green energy which is solely produced from  environmentally friendly sources, such as sun, wind, organic matter and water power. This green energy is charged at no extra cost because we believe that every person living in the Netherlands should be able to contribute to a sustainable environment.

Extra benefits for expats 

  • Low tariffs
    (Always below the tariffs of regional utility suppliers)
  • Fixed yearly discount of €30,00
  • Variable yearly discount of €60,00 on average
  • “Welcome to UnitedConsumers”-discount of  €70,00

Register for a green energy provider through ExpatsTimes and receive the benefits mentioned above, find out more here

Awards & Prizes
Best Service Award 2016, 2015, 2014 by GfK and Opiness
Best energy provider of 2016 by Vereniging Eigen Huis

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