Car insurance

To provide our international community the best value of choosing a car insurance to tailor to everyone’s specific needs, we have chosen to partner with an intermediary who offers the following benefits to ExpatsTimes members:


  • Independent comparison of all insurances (over 100 different policies)
  • Between 5% and 15% discount on monthly premium
  • Free advice and help choosing the best car insurance based in your personal needs
  • Intermediary in case of accidents

Get your car ready and insured here

They offer three types of coverage. The first one, WA, is mandatory for every car, while the other two, WA+ Plus and WA All risk, are optional.

Besides these car insurances, you can also choose for several additional options, such as roadside assistance, occupants insurance etc.

The following damage is covered by every type of vehicle insurance:

  1. WA (=Wettelijke aansprakelijkheid)
    Third party liability insurance which covers damage to others with your car 
  2. WA + Plus
    Restricted comprehensive insurance which covers damage to third party but also deft, burglary, storm damage, window damage etc. 
  3. WA + All risk
    Comprehensive insurance which covers all possible damage inflicted to your and other person’s car


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