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Welcome to ExpatsTimes, this website is powered by Expats in the Hague which has its roots dating back to nearly a decade. Our sole mission is to facilitate internationals before/when they touchdown in a new country.

Meet the team

Claudia Adams

I’m Claudia, Dutch by birth, British by nationality and Emirati by adolescence. I’m a natural born information gatherer. I love all things research. It’s what lights me up! Having been an expat most of my life allows me to have the understanding of what expats go through when moving to a new country. As an editor at ExpatsTimes, I’m looking forward to working with an outstanding team of creative and passionate individuals.

Olga Golubova

I’m Olga, Russian by birth and living in Holland for 20 years. I obtained my MSc degree in Communication Studies and I worked in different PR and communications positions. Right now I am a freelance communications consultant and I’m involved in an art foundation.

Entrepreneurship has always fascinated me, especially from an international perspective. In the Expats Times blog I’d like to share the experience of various (start-up) small businesses of foreigners living in The Netherlands, hoping that our readers will find it interesting and inspiring.

Yen Yin Chan

My name is Yin, I have a BBA in International Business Management and I function as an advisor for ExpatsTimes and Chief Marketing Officer at EasyForSure, together with our ExpatsTimes team we make sure that the site is running smoothly at all times.

We try to post about new topics frequently with the goal to facilitate internationals with our content.

Lex Pauwels

My name is Lex, my background is in web design and I am the developer and technical advisor for ExpatsTimes.  In my spare time I enjoy taking out my camera to snap some shots.



                           Thaisa Macriani

I’m Thaisa Macriani, Brazilian by origin and I’ve been living in Europe for two years. I have a degree in Communication and I’m currently working for Savana.
I’m a person who loves to meet people and places. As an expat, I know what it feels like to be away from home. I want to write for ExpatsTimes and bring interesting and informative content to our readers.

Elena Deliran

Elena is specialized in family law and employment law and she often deals with international cases. Elena grew up in many different countries and is fluent in Dutch, English, Persian and Spanish. Her intercultural background and language skills, together with her experience with international legal matters enable her to assist international clients and cases effectively. In her practice, Elena deals with various aspects of family law such as divorce proceedings, spouse and child alimony, custody and visitation rights and child protection matters. Elena also assists clients with employment issues such as suspension and employment termination proceedings, change of employment conditions, evaluation of employees and sickness.

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