Easyforsure – Serving Global Citizens

EasyforSure, Your lifestyle Anywhere 

The EasyforSure team has developed an online platform which targets internationals (Travelers and/or Expats) to let them pay for services they actually use without committing to long-term contracts. EasyforSure offers services in industries like: Fitness, Restaurant, Beauty and Professional Services.

EasyforSure is bringing something new into the retail/service market. On our platform vendors can unite and organise events. On the 29th of October, Easyforsure is organising its first High Wine event. Our first participants are four elite restaurants that have come together to organise a culinary walk in The Hague. A unique experience that showcases the value EasyforSure can bring to both businesses and consumers. This way EasyforSure creates a conscious community aware of its constantly changing business environment.

During a 6 months’ pilot version period we have achieved to get more than 50 vendors to register on the EasyforSure platform. Our field research indicates that 80% of the vendors are interested to cooperate and also want to increase their social media presence.  After the High Wine Event, EasyforSure aims to increase the number of vendors participating in our platform.


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