This digital form of identification consists of a chosen username and password, with this ID; you gain access to government webpages. In order to apply, you need a BSN – Burgerservicenummer.


Do keep in mind that your username and password should remain personal, preventing others from using it. Beware that when others ask for your username, password or activation code, by phone, email or any other medium, you should refrain from sharing this information.

Added security measure

It is possible to apply an extra security measure verifying the user by linking your mobile phone to the DigiD, enabling you to receive an SMS with a verification code. If you already acquired a DigiD, you can apply for this added security measure by logging into your account.


Why get a DigiD?

A DigiD can be perceived as your personal ID such as a passport, ID card or driving license in a digital form. The DigiD proves your identity to government organizations through the internet when logging in with your personal username and password.


How does it work?

For example, you want to do you tax returns (you can easily do so online), for the tax office to be able to verify your identity, your DigiD is used. Or you need an excerpt from the municipality’s records database, you can request this easily online using your DigiD.


Expiration after 3 years

If you have not used your DigiD for 3 years, the login expires, you can find out the expiration date, by logging into DigiD.


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