Starting own business

Starting your own business in the Netherlands

The Dutch economy thrives on independent businesses and there are thousands of small and medium sized businesses currently trading in the Netherlands. You are encouraged to start your own business in the Netherlands, should you wish to do so.

Chamber of Commerce – Kamer van Koophandel

It is a strictly enforced law that each and every company must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Should you have all of the correct documentation in order to start your own business in the Netherlands then registration is a pretty swift and painless exercise.

Requirements to register your business:

  • Residence permit – not applicable for EU or EEA citizens
  • Burger Service Nummer (BSN – social security number)
  • A previously unregistered name – e.g. a unique company name


**Please double check the Chamber of Commerce website to double check for updated rules and documentation needs before visiting to register your business**


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