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Easyforsure – Serving Global Citizens

EasyforSure, Your lifestyle Anywhere 

The EasyforSure team has developed an online platform which targets internationals (Travelers and/or Expats) to let them pay for services they actually use without committing to long-term contracts. EasyforSure offers services in industries like: Fitness, Restaurant, Beauty and Professional Services.

EasyforSure is bringing something new into the retail/service market. On our platform vendors can unite and organise events. On the 29th of October, Easyforsure is organising its first High Wine event. Our first participants are four elite restaurants that have come together to organise a culinary walk in The Hague. A unique experience that showcases the value EasyforSure can bring to both businesses and consumers. This way EasyforSure creates a conscious community aware of its constantly changing business environment.

During a 6 months’ pilot version period we have achieved to get more than 50 vendors to register on the EasyforSure platform. Our field research indicates that 80% of the vendors are interested to cooperate and also want to increase their social media presence.  After the High Wine Event, EasyforSure aims to increase the number of vendors participating in our platform.


Speed Mentoring – 2nd Edition

On the 22nd of September, the second edition of Speed Mentoring event was organised by ExpatsTimes. Its main focus was on mentorship and leadership. The partaking audience were young professionals, entrepreneurs and expatriates.

Opening speeches were held by ExpatsTimes’ Prashant Shukla and Johann Stan. Our guest mentors were able to introduce themselves and touch upon their professional and personal experiences. Maurice Zondag, Mohamed Ittidar, Sabyasachi Sengpupta, Milena Alexova and Natalya Nazarevska were all gracious enough to accept our invitation and offered their knowledge and expertise when it came to mentoring the partakers and leading the open floor Q&A sessions.

Topics, such as quick presentation dynamics, as well as professional matters and ambitions were all discussed. With a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the mentoring and thereafter, the networking part of the event was widely valued by the participants. Refreshments and light appetisers rounded off an entertaining Friday evening.

It delights us to say that like our first Speed Mentoring event, also the second edition was an overwhelming success. We are planning a third edition of Speed Mentoring, due to the fact that the first two events were outrageously popular. Watch this space and we hope to see you at our next events.

All details were correct at time of going to press. No responsibility can be held for any omissions or errors contained herein. The companies featured on this blog are unpaid.

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The Hague welcomes MyCleanCity App!

Launch of MyCleanCity App

Young entrepreneur brings a solution for the garbage problem in Den Haag

MyCleanCity app will be launched on the next coming weeks to a wide audience in the Laak area. There will be representatives from The Hague Municipality, Laak municipality and representatives from Savana Solutions.
MyCleanCity App is under the name of Savana Solutions, which is a software development company that offers custom software development services. The Municipality of The Hague has made it possible for their residents to take part in trying to solve major issues which the city faces. One of these was the issue of ORAC bijplaatsingen (also known as waste placed besides underground waste disposal containers). That is why we set out to develop a mobile solution, together with the help of the Municipality and the residents of The Hague, Savana Solutions created the My Clean City app!

MyCleanCity App is different and unique from the other apps in the market. Our team designed this app in order to create social cohesiveness  amongst neighbours. MyCleanCity App offers a reward system, meaning that if a user of MyCleanCity reports an issue with underground waste containers in his neighbourhood, he is rewarded with points which later can be exchanged with coupons, or a tree under his/her name. With MyCleanCity App on your phone you could easily report the issue to those who would deal with it.

You can download the beta version of the app on the following link:

Address:       Savana Solutions, Kalvermarkt 53, 2511CB, Den Haag

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