Why Speed Mentoring?

Hello and welcome to the information page about the Speed Mentoring event. In this post, I will explain what the event is,  why we brought live to the event and how the speed mentoring event will work.

So why did we want to organize this event? That is a simple question answered by our Co-founder, Prashant Shukla. He said: “a lot of start-ups fail these days due to one reason. They do not get the right mentoring”. He also said “you do not only need one mentor, you need a mentor in different specializations of the market. For example, when I started Savana Solutions I needed a legal person for contracts but I also needed a marketing person to help me with improving my marketing strategy and many other mentors whom could help me in their different specializations. So for a startup, it is important to have the help different people with different specializations. With the speed mentoring events we are trying to make a group of mentors whom are always willing to help start-ups”. And with this event we want to help the start-ups and the mentors to connect and learn from each other.

What is the event exactly? The Speed Mentoring event is an event in which we will invite four or five mentors. They are all professionals in different parts of the market. The event will have up to 30 attendants, they will all have the chance to ask at least one question that they think is really important for a start-up or other part of business. The mentors will then all answer the questions that are in their professional segment as specific as possible. This will help the entrepreneurs to get the most reliable information as possible, so they can implement this information in their new ideas.

How do the mentors answer all the questions in such a short time? We came up with the idea that everyone needs to write their question on a post-it or paper and then place it on a wall. Then the mentors have time to look at the questions and pick out the once that are in their segments of their expertise. Then the mentors will repeat the question in front of everybody and answer it as specific as possible. This way everyone will also get the answer to question they might not have come up with but they still wanted answers on.

For our first event we are happy to announce:

Mohamed Ittidar 

Mohamed Ittidar is a certified coach from Robbins Madanes School of Coaching.  He specializes in guiding expats to add value to their organizations and loved ones by helping them to solve the challenges in personal, family and work-related areas. Mohamed’s international academic background and years of global professional expertise in many industries put him in an outstanding position to contribute to the international community and inspire its residents to make meaningful connections.

Rachel Smets

Rachel is a speaker, lecturer, language instructor, and bestselling author of ‘Awaken Your Confidence: 15 People share their Journey to Success.’  Living and working in several countries for many years, she developed a passion for cultures and languages. Intercultural awareness and conversational languages are her favorite topics to teach online and offline.
She graduated from the University of Maryland (US) with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and achieved her master’s degree in management from the University of St Andrews (UK). Born and raised in Belgium, she currently resides in the Netherlands.Rachel enjoys motivating and inspiring people to awaken their confidence and become the person they want to be.

Maurice Zondag

Maurice Zondag is a self-made man and philanthropist in the etymological sense. He helps people as a personality coach how to find and create your own happiness. He believes that everyone has the right to their happiness as a core necessity in life. From the lessons of his life and the wisdom that comes from every life before us, called history, he now is able to give people the tools so they may find and create their own happiness. He also is a professional public speaker on subjects like happiness, leadership, and communication. In his spare time, he is a theater producer, writer and actor. His enthusiasm is inspiring and motivating to make the change you need in your life.

Johann Stan

Johann is a patent examiner, speaker, entrepreneur and mentor. Johann has a Ph.D. in computer science and graduated the Insa Lyon engineering school. He worked as consultant for the World Bank, evaluated project proposals for the European Commission and did research for the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. Over the years he developed a passion for organizing and moderating scientific conferences and various types of events, such as TEDx. Therefore, Johann has gained valuable insight into every detail related to event organization. In his talk, Johann will argue why event management is a useful skill for any expat. He will also share his tips for a successful event, including how to find speakers, how to build a team and how to curate content.

Ajay Sharma

Ajay Sharma is established entrepreneur, International Speaker and does impact innovation investment and holds board positions in corporates. Ajay is also president of Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan club (First English and international club of Netherlands). Ajay is founder and CEO of ASR ventures (Invest in Impact Innovation), Chief Regulatory, partnerships and Investment officer for TOBLOCKCHAIN (Dutch Blockchain Powerhouse), Global growth Advisor and Director to Sampoorna (Social Impact enterprise), Associate partner in BSS Holland (Defence security solutions).
Ajay is educated engineer (DEI India), MBA from TIAS NIMBAS business school, LLM (Masters in Law in International finance and Banking) from Liverpool, and above all M&A and corporate restructuring studies from Harvard Business school, Boston.
The idea of Expatstimes associated with Speed Mentoring event is to help as many new startups as possible together with the municipality of the Hague. If you have a comment or an idea to improve the event send an e-mail to info@expatstimes.com

All details were correct at time of going to press. No responsibility can be held for any omissions or errors contained herein. The companies featured on this blog are unpaid.

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